The Ewart W. Sanders Center for First Responders is a North Carolina nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  We are building a skilled and experienced clinical and peer staff specifically trained in trauma recovery that is currently expecting to launch residential retreat programs in Spring 2016.

Licensed clinicians, chaplains, and peer support members from police, fire, EMS, and all branches of the military are joining our team and volunteering their services.  Our goal is to help emergency services personnel, retirees, and families - our OWN - regain control over their lives and return to work with a new perspective on stress and coping, move on with their lives if that is a more appropriate decision, or simply enjoy retirement.

We will be offering week-long inpatient retreats staffed with trained peer counselors and clinicians. No one knows first responders and military like their own, and each retreat is specifically built for each type of responder.